Overwhelmed? Or Under appreciated?

por qué no los dos? In what is now a tumultuous third year of teaching/learning, teachers are in the spotlight again for so many reasons: Over worked, Underpaid Too much content, not enough time Unreasonable expectations Managing not just our teaching area, psychological issues of students, managing friendships, differentiating activities/instruction to meet the learning needs […]

Comfort Zones – when did you last step outside?

  Setting Personal Goals is one thing, creating a plan to achieve those goals is a completely different! What goals (short term or long term) have you set for yourself recently? What action plan do you have in place to accomplish those goals? Recently, I completed a triathlon – one gigantic step outside my Comfort […]

Term 4 2021 Reflection

Personal Teacher Reflection for 2021. What are six adjectives that best describe this school year? Supported Demanding Pivotal Cohesive Challenging Energetic What is something you did as part of a team/school/college this year that you will remember for the rest of your life? Survived a term+ of Connected Learning! whilst managing the family dynamic, two […]

Stepping up ….. Or Stepping out?

Late July I made the decision to sign up for the national breast cancer foundation’s 10K a day Stepping up to Breast Cancer challenge.  10 000 steps each day for the month of August to raise funds for breast cancer research. Easy right? For me it was a challenge to stay committed to that number […]

Term 2 Inquiry – Capabilities

Starting this PLM about capabilities, it was interesting to discuss with Steven Harris and colleagues what exactly a ‘capability’ is. A simple definition: the ability to do something. Within our school context, this is more specific in how well a student can “be creative”, “manage themselves”, “problem solve” etc. How exactly each student shows these […]

The Blindside

Although a fabulous movie in many regards, I reflect on my own “blindside”. How do I protect my weakest area? How do I defend my quarterback, play maker, driver of the team (often me)? How can I build that defence so if attacked in the future, I am confident the strategy/play book move will work? […]

Proud Teacher

How do we know what we are doing is actually working? As teachers we are constantly collecting, analysing and actioning data from standardised tests, reports and any other outcomes based feedback approach that may exist. How can teachers do that with a Course where there are NO outcomes, NO tests, NO framework? That is the […]

New Timetable: a ‘blooming’ good approach

Time for change? Or change of time? Tending the classroom for optimal growth. After what was an eye opening, never to be repeated term 2, our school has decided to trial a new timetable structure for K to year 9. With the introduction of daily well-being and timetabled “mentor group” meetings, the start was frantic, […]

Newbie teacher brings schools to ‘close’

Term 2 Week 9 Starting a new job as COVID hits our front door. I struggled in finding an appropriate title for this blog:  What not to do in a pandemic: start a new job!  OR Warning: teachers working harder than ever – yes even more so during the ‘holidays’  OR Newbie teacher brings schools […]